What sort of business do you want to run?

I recently quoted a prospective accountancy client. Part of the agreement is that she would move her paper records onto the software that I recommended in order to be ready for MTD (Making Tax Digital).

She asked whether it was compulsory to use software and whether other accountants would insist on the same. I held firm and explained that it would be an essential part of working with Minerva Accountants as we want all our clients to get the benefits of using software and to prepare early for MTD while we have the time to help them get used to the software and quarterly deadlines. I was also honest and explained that many accountants haven’t started this move to MTD yet.

Would you rather work with an accountant/expert who is preparing you for the future or somebody who will let you do what you want?

This week’s reading has been ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T Kiyosaki, I think that is a good book for business owners and also for teenagers.

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