Tiny productivity hacks

I’ve been struggling a little with mental discipline since Coronavirus has been a reality in the UK. It’s not a problem I usually have so I’m only just learning how to cope. It takes a lot of mental strength to overcome my natural inclination to procrastinate and, after however many weeks into lockdown, I’m at last starting to do something about it.
Since changing email provider I have been unable to handle my emails through my laptop Outlook app, so I’ve been accessing them on my ipad until I had time to resolve the problem. It was only meant to be a short term fix but, like many of these things, it has dragged on because I had more urgent/important things to deal with.
So each time I wanted to send an email (a big bit of what I do) I had to go onto my ipad … with my social media apps. My ipad usually sits on my desk anyway so I can have a bit of a chat between jobs and it doesn’t usually distract me while I’m actually working. But now it is! 
So I’m getting it fixed this week in the hope that this tiny change will sort my number one distraction and increase my productivity.
The second thing is that I’ve stopped reading as much as I used to. Last week I forced myself to read and I finally identified that the spotlight above my bed is not bright enough to use as a reading light (whereas Netflix needs no external illumination). I’ve moved in a proper reading light and I’m back up to a book a week. 
Have you got any similar examples of where a tiny thing is causing a disproportionate disruption?

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