Simple tech to get paid faster

This week has been exceptionally busy for some of our clients. To cheer them up a little I ordered a little something to be delivered to all our course alumni.

It took a while to find a suitable supplier who was still trading but I took a certain geeky delight in receiving an invoice emailed from their Xero software. Not just any old invoice but one with buttons!

  1. One button to upload the invoice directly into my own Xero software. Even simpler than forwarding the email to my Xero mailbox
  2. One button to pay straight away by card so I didn’t need to add bank details for a transfer. In the current climate I knew that paying straight away would help that small business and so did the owner.

As systemising for efficiency and speeding up cash inwards are two of the areas we look at on all our courses it I was in tech paradise

How can tech help you in your business?

How to go paperless

We’re delighted that MTD (Making tax Digital) prompted so many businesses to review their accounting procedures. For those of you who would still like a hand to do so or to take it further then please do get in touch.

But are there any other systems that can be moved away from paper?

Document management system

Often it’s just a case of not printing out the documents you creating but defining an online filing system for Word, Excel and PDF items. You might want to invest in a document management system for maximum searchability but even ordinary File Managers are quite powerful. Storing these in the cloud with Onedrive, Googledocs etc can make them accessible to your whole team if you wish to share them.

When devising a filing system you should bear in mind how often documents are retrieved and ensure that filing time does not outweigh retrieval time.


Sometimes additional software is required:

  • If you’re not already doing it then we can recommend software for your purchase invoices and receipts to be automatically uploaded into your accounting software through a photograph, a forwarded email or a scan. The invoice will be stored electronically as well as creating the accounts record.
  • Can you keep an online appointments system which works with your CRM?
  • Can you schedule and keep a record of staff hours? (See Deputy) It may be possible to link this with your payroll software too.
  • Can any site inspection documents completed and stored electronically?
  • Can your clients book appointments online? (see for a free tool)
  • Can your team share work and ideas online? (see, Slack, Asana)
  • What about meeting records? We’re communicating much more online now with Zoom and Teams. If you record a Zoom meeting (do let participants know) you will have a record of these meetings. If you need a text record then you can use transcription software with the saved audio file
  • Online signatures can save printing out reams of paperwork for contracts. is UK based so complies with GDPR.

There are all sorts of possibilities which can help you to operate remotely,  more efficiently, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Post in

Any paper post will need to be scanned. Depending on your volumes you might want to invest in a fast feed scanner or just photograph single documents.

Legacy paperwork

Old paperwork can be scanned OR you can just move to paperless from today and gradually archive the papers as time passes.

There are so many ways that you can go paperless and, as always, we’d love to help your business efficiency and sustainability.