Ready assembled vs flatpack

I was thinking about the difference between ready assembled furniture and flatpack.

The former is generally more substantial, better made and may last for generations. The latter might be cheap and convenient at a certain point in our lives but we have the hassle of putting it together, it often wobbles and I have no idea what do with the ‘spare’ parts.

Where else do we try to cut costs but spend more time for an inferior product?

Should you use a professional for your bookkeeping/accounts? Many accountants/bookkeepers do this to focus on their core business!

What about your graphic design? Outsourcing our visual brand and design to a professional meant that we were shortlisted in the British Accountancy Marketing Awards last year.

Should you self-publish your book quickly or use an independent publisher? Choosing a good publisher helped The Number Business to win the specialist category at the Business Book Awards last year so I’m using the same publisher for Growing by Numbers

And what about IT? I’m pretty good with tech but I’ve spent several months with a niggle on my emails and now I’ve called in the professionals (good/bad news is that it’s not a simple issue for them either). It’s costing me time each and every day!

What should you be delegating or outsourcing in your business?

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