Simple tech to get paid faster

This week has been exceptionally busy for some of our clients. To cheer them up a little I ordered a little something to be delivered to all our course alumni.

It took a while to find a suitable supplier who was still trading but I took a certain geeky delight in receiving an invoice emailed from their Xero software. Not just any old invoice but one with buttons!

  1. One button to upload the invoice directly into my own Xero software. Even simpler than forwarding the email to my Xero mailbox
  2. One button to pay straight away by card so I didn’t need to add bank details for a transfer. In the current climate I knew that paying straight away would help that small business and so did the owner.

As systemising for efficiency and speeding up cash inwards are two of the areas we look at on all our courses it I was in tech paradise

How can tech help you in your business?

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