Are you multitasking or attention switching?

We used to be proud to multi-task.
And then we were told it was wrong as we were attention switching which was less efficient rather than more.
But sometimes it is possible to multi-task efficiently.

This is when we’re doing simple tasks that require little thought. For instance, this tip is a result of me cracking an egg for my breakfast while pouring water into the teapot. Both simple tasks that I was able to do using muscle memory and minimal brain input. I also do those all essential pelvic floor exercises while cleaning my teeth so that I can laugh as much as I like when I’m in that retirement home.

Many people listen to a podcast or radio show while doing doing physical exercise. (I’m unable to do this as my focus super-power means that I automatically block out all sound to focus on the other task)

What little tasks can you combine without losing quality?

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