If accounts are the language of business learn to say “hello”

It works both ways. Business owners need to understand the story that their accounts tell about their business and accountants need to be able to translate the accounts story into plain English.

Too many people are terrified of their numbers. All those crosses across school books can be quite intimidating. Start to look for the patterns. We can see at a glance if one playing card is higher than another without needing to count the hearts etc on the face of the card. Concentrate on which numbers are higher than last month, last year, or compared to budget. Know whether they should be higher or lower.

And you don’t need to look at all the numbers. Business owners should agree with their accountant and/or business coach which 2-3 numbers to focus on each time.

I feel so passionately that I even wrote a course to help explain it:
Finance for Business Owners

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