Tax tip

Business entertaining is not allowed for VAT or Corporation/Income tax purposes.

The only exception is staff entertaining. I’ve written on this separately if you want the detail but it must be below £150 per person per year.

Customer and supplier entertaining are never allowable and this is one of the many adjustments that we make when we prepare your accounts and tax returns.

Tax Tip – VAT Registration limit

If your turnover exceeds, or is expected to exceed, £85,000 in any twelve month period you will need to register for VAT from the following month.

Please note that this is a rolling 12 month period, NOT your financial year. It is a common mistake so, each month, you need to keep an eye on your sales in the previous 12 months.

We’ve had a few clients go over the VAT limit in the middle of their financial year and only find out when we do their year end accounts some time later. This means that they may end up having to pay the VAT themselves so it is worth keeping an eye on your invoicing.