Too many ideas and not enough time

Some people struggle for ideas for their business. They have read so many books and been to so many talks but they don’t have time to implement everything or don’t know where to start.

I’m a bit like this. The ideas make it as far as my ideas folder but sometimes don’t go any further. In all honesty some of them probably don’t deserve to go any further as they were bad ideas in the first place. But it isn’t just a waste of the money and time that I spend reading/listening/watching, it’s the lost potential for a fabulous business.

The best way I found to get out of this dilemma was to work with a business coach. Yes, I know I’m a coach myself but I still work with a coach for exactly the same reasons that you may need one.

  • She helps me see the wood from the trees when I’m too busy
  • She is a critical friend who will challenge me when necessary
  • She has experience in my industry so is great to bounce ideas off
  • She helps me to plot a clear path and turn my ideas into an action plan
  • She (metaphorically) kicks my backside to get things done before our next call
  • She helps to celebrate as she know how much work really went into those “overnight” successes.

Anyway, a big thank you to my coach this week as we’re set to launch the ‘ScaleUp Blueprint’ course and my ‘Growing by Numbers’ book moves further along the publisher’s pipeline.