How deep do your values go?

I’ve realised that I must be a real pain to go out with sometimes. It’s because I have strong feelings about supporting local businesses, so my ethics pervade my purchasing decisions.

Ask me whether I prefer Costa or Starbucks and I’ll suggest a local independent café instead. If only the national chains are available, I’ll choose the one that pays a higher proportion of tax in the UK. The same goes for restaurants, although that also satisfies my foodie appetite as I usually find that independents offer much better food and service.

And I really try to avoid a certain pub chain that, in my opinion, treated their employees poorly when it came to furlough.

Even supermarkets get the same treatment as I know from farming clients which ones treat their suppliers better or worse. My preference is always my local butcher (a multi-generational business where the current sons are both triathletes, so they know how to eat!) and farm shops. I like seeing the names of the farms on my food and knowing that I have cycled past the animals, and they look well cared for. If you’re going to eat meat (and we try to have at least 1 veggie day per week) at least make sure that the animals have the best conditions as this is better for the animals AND for the environment.

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