How to get the most out of your team 

Personality profiling is often criticised as it is not an exact science. However, as long as you understand the limitations, it can be very helpful. 

We use DiSC profiling but there are other systems based around colours or you could use Myers-Briggs.  

This helps us to understand our preferred communication style and also how our colleagues and clients like to communicate. For instance, my brief bullet points are probably great for somebody who likes to get straight to the point but there are other personality types that would prefer something longer with more descriptions and examples. 

So here’s an example of how we use it in practice: 

In my previous practice we had an art gallery as a client. The owner was a business person who liked direct communication (like me). However many of their artists joined us and preferred a gentler style. I had to adapt my communications and use a more verbose style to get my message across. It is up to us to speak to clients in plain English and also in a way that they can understand. 

On the other hand we had another wonderful client who was even more direct than me which intimidated one of our junior staff. Fortunately I was able to explain that this was just the client’s usual style and not a criticism of the work and their professional relationship flourished from there.