Hope isn’t a business strategy

I see too many businesses set up full of hope but not much of a plan. We run strategy days for all sorts of business owners, including accountants, where we look at the following: 

  1. Services offered and what problems these solve 
  1. Business size and growth objectives 
  1. Geographic scope 
  1. Target market and competitors 
  1. Unique selling points 
  1. SWOT analysis 
  1. Financial plan (high level) 
  1. Personal objectives of the owner 

It is particularly important that you know how to identify your ideal client, how to approach them, and how to serve them so that they keep you coming back for more and referring you to everybody they know. 

Once you’ve got this knowledge you need to ACT on it because hope alone won’t get you the business that you want. 

So go ahead and think about your strategy or book a strategic planning day with us.