ICB awards

Last month I was invited to the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) awards, also known as the Lucas after the inventor of the double entry system, Luca Pacioli. I love judging the awards as I get to see what the best bookkeepers are doing to help their clients. A good bookkeeper is worth their weight in gold.

I’m also a Champion of the ICB, an honourary position that I was awarded a few years ago. This allows me to use the CICB letters after my name along with my usual FCA.

As well as seeing the best bookkeepers take the stage to collect their awards (including some who had travelled over from the trouble in Ukraine) there were software awards too.

I was delighted when the bookkeepers voted our favourite Xero as the bookkeeping software of the year. We also have client using Freeagent which was chosen as the friendliest software; not surprising as their chief accountant, M, writes all sorts of useful guides.

Which is your favourite bookkeeping software and why?