Good causes vs charities

Not all good causes are charities and not all charities are UK charities. Why does this matter? Only donations to UK charities are tax deductible.

Please don’t let this stop you donating to good causes around the world but I just wanted you to be aware that your donations can go further if they’re to UK charities.

I also meet a lot of people wanting to set up charities for very good causes. The regulations around running a charity are enormous so, if you’re just running a few events, it may be easier to treat it as a fundraising event for an existing charity. Why saddle yourself with all the additional accounting, admin, and audit of setting up a charity when you could use that energy to raise money for the good cause itself?

One touch is enough

No, I’m not talking about sexual harassment but about your admin processes. How often do you open an email or look at a task more than once? How many of those would take less than 2 minutes to complete?

Wherever possible I try to handle small tasks just once.

When I receive an invoice or receipt I scan/forward/upload it to Xero immediately so that my bookkeeping is taken care of with no bother. As we have reasonable cashflow I also make payment immediately so that I don’t need to look at the invoice again, this also ties in with my value of looking after small businesses and their owners by paying promptly.

The same goes for emails. Anything that will take less than 2 minutes is done immediately eg a quick answer or forwarding to the right person to complete the task or creating a task to complete later

How do you minimise your admin?