Aesthetics Business Conference – bonus content

Thank you for coming to my talk at the Aesthetics Business Conference. Please find below the goodies that I promised.

Here are some articles that I wrote for Starling Bank which answer many of the questions that you may have in the early days of your business.

We run monthly Minerva Money Matters webinars on many more subjects so do take a look at the webinar page and sign up for any that interest you. They’re free of charge.

Finance for Business Owners is our short course for new business owners. If you’re terrified of numbers and cower in the corner at the sight of a calculator then this is the course for you and we’ve made it free to ABC attendees for the next 6 months so you can watch it again and again.


100% discount code: ABC105

Our 30day StartUp course takes you through everything that we believe you need to know to start your business. With videos and other downloads you will build your own business plan alongside the course in 30 days.


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